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The Frank Lloyd Wright Dog House

The story about a boy who asked a famous architect for a favor. He had a paper route, he said, and hoped that the architect might design for Eddie, his black Lab, a house “which would be easy to build and would go with our house.” His father had commissioned Wright to design a house…


My bro just got a new dog, and isn’t just adorable! Sorry posts have been a little light, as of late, but things have been kinda busy. Hope the puppy pictures make up for it…

That’s a party!

Hehe, love this picture! Have a great weekend. (I hope to reveal what I’ve been working on so hard, shortly!)

All About Pugs

Jack works near a pet store and the other day I spied the most adorable pug puppy Sadly, I was not able to get a photo (he could not hold still!), but the above picture looks a lot like him. I almost melted into the sidewalk. We’ve been playfully talking about getting one for a…

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State Art Calligraphy

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