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Stereoscopic Streetview

I’ve been having fun with this one! (Above is the Guggenheim, below is The Santa Cruz Boardwalk.) a new Google Maps hack allows you to access Streetview through a trippy panoramic fisheye lens, turning your favorite city street into a microcosmic earth or an...

Earth Fly-Over

Amazing footage, now with nifty music! No flea market for us this weekend. We will, instead be having a yard sale at our place to help Jack’s mum with sorting and selling her costumes. We also hope to make it out to a few of the artists that are part of Open...


NSKYC The average color of the New York City sky, updated every 5 minutes. Welp, right now, Encinitas’ sky doesn’t look much different than New York’s (at least we’re a bit cooler, though).