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The Most Astounding Fact

Neil DeGrasse Tyson (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite people) explains poignantly why, when you look at the stars you shouldn’t should feel insignificant. You are, down to your atoms, part of those very stars! Have a happy weekend!

Stereoscopic Streetview

I’ve been having fun with this one! (Above is the Guggenheim, below is The Santa Cruz Boardwalk.) a new Google Maps hack allows you to access Streetview through a trippy panoramic fisheye lens, turning your favorite city street into a microcosmic earth or an immersive urban whirlpool. Via NOTCOT

Earth Fly-Over

Amazing footage, now with nifty music! No flea market for us this weekend. We will, instead be having a yard sale at our place to help Jack’s mum with sorting and selling her costumes. We also hope to make it out to a few of the artists that are part of Open Studios. Enjoy yours!

NOT Google+

Seeing as Google+ is a bit barin, and Facebook’s new redesign is their ugliest, most confusing iteration yet, The NOT Google+ movement is absolutely something I’m considering…


NSKYC The average color of the New York City sky, updated every 5 minutes. Welp, right now, Encinitas’ sky doesn’t look much different than New York’s (at least we’re a bit cooler, though).

The Changing Definition of Colors

The question seems simple enough, “what is the color of this girl’s sash?” It’s surprising to find out that the answer given now would differ wildly from the one given when it was originally painted. Now: pink. Then: yellow! And it seems that our definition of certain colors have changed through history. Many ancient cultures…

Gamifying Education

Extra Credit is probably my favorite online series. And even though I’m not a gamer and haven’t really played since the days of Quake, I am fascinated by game culture and it’s impact on the rest of media and the world at large. These guys always manage to be extremely insightful. To all my educators…

Geeky Laws of the Internet

A few of my favs from this Wired article. Happy Monday! (HOLY CARP, THIS IS OUR LAST WEEK! EEK!) 1. Munroe’s Law: A person in a geeky argument who can quote xkcd to support his position automatically wins the argument. This law supersedes Godwin, so that even if the quote is about Hitler, the quoter…

Etsy Prints & Paintings Storefront

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