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A Road Trip to Roswell, Lettering & Illustration

In anticipation for our trip to Roswell NM, I decided to create a little lettering project for myself! Here’s a little walkthrough for ya on how I tackled this. Getting Started & Building I almost always start with small sketches, to get the idea out. Sometimes the idea I have in my head doesn’t really…

Local Santa Cruz – Beach Wallpaper

Had fun with this one. Created a bunch of icons that I thought best represented our fine town and turned it into a free wallpaper for ya! You can check out all the different sizesfor your desktop and phone here! [twocol_one][/twocol_one][twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last] You should also follow Local SC on Facebook and Instagram while you’re at it!…

The Orignaux Moose Shop

I am super thrilled to announce the opening of our own store front:! This has been a long time coming, but I finally found the time to put it all together. Last night I put the final touches on everything, though I still have a few more pieces to list. The Etsy Shop will…


I ended last week with something space related; why not start this week the same way by admiring these stunning quilts by Jimmy McBride!

Still Life

Oh! Well, a happy Monday to you, as well! Been crazy busy in these neck of the woods (almost even missed today), so this little blog suffered a bit; sorry about that. Above is some really neat interactive art by Scott Garner, entitled “Still Life”. Years ago I had the idea of a still life…

Riusuke Fukahori “Goldfish Salvation”

I am speechless! When struggling with artistic vision, Fukahori’s pet goldfish became his inspiration and ever since his passion and lifelong theme. His unique style of painting uses acrylic on clear resin which is poured into containers, resulting in a three-dimensional appearance and lifelike vitality. Via Colossal

Ladies in Type: Sketches

Well, this weekend was pretty quiet. Aside from a trip to the Bargain Barn with Jess (yay, frames!) and a quick bite at Paula’s, it was a stay-at-home, watch-some-anime-and-Goodfellas kinda weekend. I did have a small project for myself, and that was to get these “Ladies in Type” sketches matted and framed. I think that…

5 Million Dollars 1 Terabyte

Part of the Art 404 collection, 5 Million Dollars 1 Terabyte, is just that: [A] sculpture consisting of a 1 TB Black External Hard Drive containing $5,000,000 worth of illegally downloaded files. A full list of the files with clickable download links can be found here (PDF). Via The Next Web

Ladies in Type: COMPLETED!

And I could not be happier! I briefly posted about this project before, and a few of these have gone up in the shop, but there’s really nothing like having the whole set complete and seeing it all, as a whole. The collection took about 5 months, from beginning to end (with a couple of…

Etsy Prints & Paintings Storefront

Print, Paintings & One-of-a-Kinds to make your home, office or studio pretty! Come in and check out the shop!

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State Art Calligraphy

Website/shop dedicated to our Calligraphic States series!