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Felted Falkor

Irma Hoani’s little felted doll of The Neverending Story‘s famous luck dragon is too cute for words! Check out her blog to see more detail shots (and her Etsy shop for her other creations). Via Books, Paper, Scissors

NEW Framed Prints!

Whoops, I completely lost track of time yesterday, working, arting, etc. Fun stuff over in our shop: ready-to-hang framed prints! We’ve been collecting vintage and antique frames for a few months. We pick out our favorites, clean ’em up, possible paint them, and match them up with a print. The results, I think, are fantastic!…

Shop Update

Just to let you all know, the shop is back and open! What’s even more exciting is the new matted prints! We’ve had a real blast picking out beautifully textured paper that really makes the prints pop! We currently have 3 large (AIFOL, Follow Your Bliss & Explore, Dream, Discover) and 1 small (Watercolor Owl)…

Handmade Gift Sale

Fun news: we are going to be a part of a fantastic gift sale, put on by the Art Factory and Blue Heron. Tons of gifts, including our prints, all for under $25! It’s gonna be great! It’s all going down December 3 at 1543 Pacific Ave in Downtown Santa Cruz. Do some holiday shopping…

Free Service

This seems to be a problem in all creative fields; be it design, writing, or in this case, photography. But, we’ve got to make a living out of this too. It’s a hoot to see this Atlanta photographer getting their frustration out on Craigslist. Preach! Via The Consumerist

Ladies in Type

I’ve been working on this new series for over a month, and it’s been really great seeing where it’s going. We acquired a number of old, forgotten landscape paintings, knowing that I could find something fun to do with them. At first I was just painting them, but I felt like something was still missing,…

Live Out Loud – Orignial

There’s a few fun things coming to the shop this week! Posted this to Etsy Friday evening and forgot to mention it here. A fun peek into the original drawing that is the base for one of our most popular prints. While some of our prints are created entirely in the computer, a lot of…

Let’s Art Party!

I think we’re finally far enough that I can officially announce Jack and my newest project: The Santa Cruz Pop-Up Art Party! The idea is to have a mobile, locals, ever-evolving gallery. We have couches, tents, rugs, music and, of course art, and are able to have a “pop-up” community space for couple of hours…

Etsy Prints & Paintings Storefront

Print, Paintings & One-of-a-Kinds to make your home, office or studio pretty! Come in and check out the shop!

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State Art Calligraphy

Website/shop dedicated to our Calligraphic States series!