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Doggy Surfing Competitions

How did we not know this was going on while we were living there!? Five competitors piled on a surfboard during Sunday’s Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon in Del Mar, Calif. The event welcomed 4,000 spectators, 80 pooches, and raised more than $100,000 for orphaned animals. Canine surf competitions have recently grown in popularity, and a number…

Doggie Gaga Project

The flood gates opened up at work yesterday and I wasn’t mentally prepared! And March decided to get all chilly again, which makes me unhappy… Thankfully this series, by Jesse Freidin, gave me a much needed chuckle! The flowers, Jack bought me, also help with the cheering up! :D Via Neatorama

Happy Weather

And to celebrate Jack and I went down, during my lunch break, to check out the Union Square Greenmarket! I highly recommend checking it out; open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday. It’s wonderful to see all the local producers and everyone mingling, enjoying the warmth! We got some nice organic steak and turkey, which I…

Neat Links From My Father, 8

– A 3-D desktop for the Mac. – Scroll down for the humerous 404 ornament. – Get your monitor spotless! – Evidently there are some nice things to see in Staten Island, who knew. ;P – A Twitter feed worth following! – This city’s not a concrete jungle, it’s a human zoo. – NY Time…


I am looking forward to a really productive weekend. And if I feel I deserve a treat at some point I may even go have a beer with our Moose buddies, Horse and Okapi. Bonus points for anyone who can guess their names in the comments.


My bro just got a new dog, and isn’t just adorable! Sorry posts have been a little light, as of late, but things have been kinda busy. Hope the puppy pictures make up for it…

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