I work in a variety of mediums, from digital to watercolor, but almost always with an emphasis or incorporation of type and lettering. As a trained graphic designer and co-founder / creative director at nomBat Branding I have learned to approach any project as a puzzle to be solved creatively and beautifully, carefully considering color, composition, and scale.

We moved to Santa Cruz, CA (my husband’s hometown) in 2011.

For “pure design” work, check out my portfolio on theDaughter.net.

What is Orignaux?

This site was first set up so that Jon and I could have a place to share fun things we found on the internet. More and more it became my own, personal art haven, where I could feel free to share my passion projects.

The name comes from a turquoise cardboard moose head we made for our apartment when we first moved in together. We named it Orignaux (which is French Canadian for “moose”) and it quickly became a sort of mascot for our relationship