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Roll It!

It’s been packing, packing, packing recently, and finding this method for fitting the most into a small space has been a God-sent! Via Boing Boing


It is a great Friday! I just sat down with my boss and had a great little talk. During our road trip in August (and possibly beyond!) I’ll be able to keep my job and work 100% remote. The end of the month will be here faster than we know it and I’m so flippin’…

Snow Play

Welp, I got my wish and the snow is coming down in sheets! The office is closed today, so I’m going to play with Rei! Pictures coming soon! Image by Robert’s Snow Auctions

Sitting by Our Heater

Welp, I’m taking it easy today (had a little too much red wine last night). Aside from a few things, it looks like this weekend will be a slow one. Good thing, too; I hope to get holiday plans sorted out! Stay warm! Image by look to see

It’s a Neverending Story

Ah, the work day is coming to a close; and even though they are predicted rain for a while, I’m looking forward to a chill but fun weekend. Above is my favorite book, The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. I’m rereading it for the 800th time.

WTF Wednesday

Welp, it’s Wednesday… yes it is. The office has gone from sweltering yesterday to fa-reezing today, and I’m kinda grumpy aboot it. But, Jack sent me this picture and it amused me greatly. Nothing much else to report… just lettin’ you know I’m around even if I’m not posting like crazy. Photo by Pete Souza

Happy Pi Day!

And happy Weekend Before St Patrick’s Day, too! Have a fab weekend! Ice cube tray from ThinkGeek | Via Boing Boing

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