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Feelin’ Calm

Man, lots to do in the office today. Thankfully I’m not missing out on a too beautiful of a day… Yesterday was stunning though, and Jack and I took full advantage of it; eating in Riverside Park and I buying myself a few peonies! Going to try out a little fast and finally get down…


The parents left yesterday afternoon and I completely forgot to tend to the blog. But, before they made their way to the airport, we got a real treat when Dad got us into the Time Warner Center’s employee cafeteria. Being on the 10th floor, we had an incredible view of the park while we ate.…

Ventured Out

What a glorious weekend with my parents in town! (Check out the Flickr set for pictures!) The highlight was our trip to Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn on Sunday. If I were to consider moving to Brooklyn, this neighborhood would be at the top of my list. Adorable homes, boutiques, restaurants and cafes at every turn; a…

New York City Walk

I’v considered walking the entire length of Manhattan, but every street!? Impressive stuff over at New York City Walk! I didn’t originally plan on walking all those streets. But I’ve always liked to explore, and sightseeing is sort of an everyday activity, not limited to famous sites. I moved to New York in the summer…

Doggie Gaga Project

The flood gates opened up at work yesterday and I wasn’t mentally prepared! And March decided to get all chilly again, which makes me unhappy… Thankfully this series, by Jesse Freidin, gave me a much needed chuckle! The flowers, Jack bought me, also help with the cheering up! :D Via Neatorama

Neat Links From My Father, 8

– A 3-D desktop for the Mac. – Scroll down for the humerous 404 ornament. – Get your monitor spotless! – Evidently there are some nice things to see in Staten Island, who knew. ;P – A Twitter feed worth following! – This city’s not a concrete jungle, it’s a human zoo. – NY Time…

Inspired by “The Kiss”

Helloooo there, Monday. Nice to see you again. Jack posted this a few weeks ago and while surfing around this weekend I found some more info on what it’s all about. Entitled “The Kiss” it is part of Tino Sehgal’s show, currently going on at the Guggenheim. Here’s a snippet from the NY Times review:…

Alice in Fashionland

And a happy Monday to you! Wow, I had forgotten about this beautiful series by Annie Leibovitz, done for Vogue in 2003! Seems appropriate to post since the movie is right around the corner.Via TrendLand

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