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General Orders No. 9

Named after the announcement of the South’s surrender to the Union, General Orders No. 9 looks like it could be a very interesting film… The stunning culmination of over eleven years’ work from first time writer-director Robert Persons, General Orders No. 9 marries experimental filmmaking with an accessible, naturalist sensibility to tell the epic story […]

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Neat Links From My Father, 8

– A 3-D desktop for the Mac. – Scroll down for the humerous 404 ornament. – Get your monitor spotless! – Evidently there are some nice things to see in Staten Island, who knew. ;P – A Twitter feed worth following! – This city’s not a concrete jungle, it’s a human zoo. – NY Time […]

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Fall’s on the Way

And it looks like I should get back to some posting. I’m gonna start back up slow, but I have it as a part of my schedule, so I won’t forget! Well, it has been a beautiful summer and these first touches of fall are so refreshing. What I have been spending most my internet […]

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