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In Like a Lamb

Spectacular weekend, I must say! The weather was down-right magical (I hope this doesn’t mean the end of the month is going to be brutal). Saturday: Quickly ran down to Capitola to submit for the Begonia Festival, but no one was there… Grocery store for snacks and wine for the party. We had one of…

Busy in Work, Busy in Play

Today is a huge run-around-town errand day; printers, meetings, First Friday, etc. But, tomorrow, the big news is getting back into the Art Party swing on things! We’ll be at a new friend Andres’ amazing home (which has an incredible view of the bay), up here in the Dominican Hospital, Flea market Santa Cruz area.…


Exciting weekend coming up, no doubts about that. First of all, my parents will be landing in San Francisco later tonight and will be here through Thanksgiving! Yay for Jack and my family time! Also, tomorrow we are kick-starting our Pop-Up Parties! Come by and wish our pal, Al, a happy birthday!

Quiet Weekend

Saturday’s Art Party was fun, but a bit on the slow side. This is only the beginning, though, and I’m actually having a great time figuring out what’s going to work and what’s not. And, Sunday, no yard sale. Was really just an art-ing and family-time day. Mmmmmm, pot roast! We’ve already got next weekend…

In the Park

The Pop-Up Party will be in Lions Park this weekend, but just for Saturday (yard sale, Sunday). If you can we’d love it if you can spend a day in the park with us!

A Great Start

What an amazing weekend! The weather was perfect, the art was great, the company was super friendly and we’re really getting excited about where our Art Parties will go! For more info and pics check out the Meetup Group or Facebook page.

Pop-Up Party Reminder

Just a quick one… We’re having our first, big Pop-Up Art Party this weekend in beautiful downtown Capitola! Map below. Do come by and check it out! For more info or to join in the fun check out our site and Meetup page.

Let’s Art Party!

I think we’re finally far enough that I can officially announce Jack and my newest project: The Santa Cruz Pop-Up Art Party! The idea is to have a mobile, locals, ever-evolving gallery. We have couches, tents, rugs, music and, of course art, and are able to have a “pop-up” community space for couple of hours…

Etsy Prints & Paintings Storefront

Print, Paintings & One-of-a-Kinds to make your home, office or studio pretty! Come in and check out the shop!

Stayin’ Social


State Art Calligraphy

Website/shop dedicated to our Calligraphic States series!