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The Orignaux Moose Shop

I am super thrilled to announce the opening of our own store front: Shop.OrignauxMoose.com! This has been a long time coming, but I finally found the time to put it all together. Last night I put the final touches on everything, though I still have a few more pieces to list. The Etsy Shop will…


I hope this post finds you all well! This weekend I put the finishing touches on a complete overhaul of OrignauxMoose.com! I have pushed the theme of the site to more of a portfolio. I’m interested in showing my work (in galleries, fairs, etc.) and I wanted to have something to direct people towards that…


Whoa! What! Hi! Well, in case you hadn’t noticed we took a bit of an unannounced hitas, here. There’s so much going on, and I’ve just got too much on my plate… I hope to be back to bloggin’ soon, but in the meantime, the shop is very much still open and I will be…

Bloggin’ Anniversary

Oh yea, last week was Moose’s 4-year birthday, wow… always creeps up on me… :D Next year I should plan something fun. Above, Glitter Moose!

Site Update!

Oh, almost forgot! Been using any free time the past couple day to work on refreshing the design of the blog. New year, new design, plus the white was just getting to be a little too stark. Now we have some texture and color! Hope you like! New banner on the Etsy Shop, too! :D

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Happy 2012 to you all! I can’t believe what a year 2011 was… let’s reminisce, shall we? January / February: Settled back into our slow beach town, Encinitas. My succulent garden really started to grow! Worked hard to pick up clients for nomBat. The glory of Craigslist finds! Pretty mellow, but that’s why we moved…

Home for the Holidays

Oh, hi! Well, it’s Christmas time and I’m back in Atlanta for it! Jack is still in Santa Cruz, with his family and will be working his little butt off at The Holiday Boutique this weekend and all next week. So, if you’re a last-minute shopper and you’re in the Santa Cruz / Bay Area…

Welcome Back, Moose

Well, we got this spiffy new makeover, I think it’s about time to really start bloggin’ again! To help me stay a little more focused and consistant I’ve made myself a daily theme / schedule. Here’s the break-down: Mondays: Prints, Etsy-goodness & Art Tuesdays: Fashion Wednesdays: Music & Entertainment Thursdays: Home & Interior Design Fridays:…


I am looking forward to a really productive weekend. And if I feel I deserve a treat at some point I may even go have a beer with our Moose buddies, Horse and Okapi. Bonus points for anyone who can guess their names in the comments.

Etsy Prints & Paintings Storefront

Print, Paintings & One-of-a-Kinds to make your home, office or studio pretty! Come in and check out the shop!

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State Art Calligraphy

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