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Inspired by “The Kiss”

Inspired by Helloooo there, Monday. Nice to see you again.

Jack posted this a few weeks ago and while surfing around this weekend I found some more info on what it’s all about. Entitled “The Kiss” it is part of Tino Sehgal’s show, currently going on at the Guggenheim. Here’s a snippet from the NY Times review:

The sensuous pas de deux, titled “Kiss,” is in progress. As choreography it will hold no surprises for anyone familiar with contemporary dance. Taken as living sculpture, it has amusing moments: every so often, the performers strike erotic poses derived from Courbet, Rodin, Brancusi and Jeff Koons.

Inspired by the piece, Flavorwire took real couples to the numerous other museums of New York and photographed them in the heat of passion. Neat series; Jack and I plan on seeing the exhibit before it closes.

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Falling Down the Guggenheim Museum Hall

Falling Down the Guggenheim Museum Hall
Oh, how I would love for this to exist!

Instead of contemplating the void of the Guggenheim Museum’s central space, JDS architects have proposed an experience which sees a trampoline net spiraling down the institution’s rotunda. This idea plays on Frank Lloyd Wright’s original scenography for the guggenheim in which he envisioned patrons visiting the exhibition from the top, downwards.

Design Boom

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Neat Links From My Father, 5

Neat Links From My Father, 5
It’s been a while, and now is a good time… (Some of these have been sitting in my inbox for quite some time and are old, but cool, none-the-less.)
- Typographica’s list of its Favorite Typefaces of 2008.
- Computer program to compete against human “Jeopardy!” contestants.
- Stripped down aesthetic at the Milan Furniture Fair.
- These birds like to move it, move it!
- Bklyn Designs draw attention to the design scene in Brooklyn.
- A video on The Secret History of Fonts.
- Written by a cosmologist, and he explains the rules of time travel, if it might exist.
- NYtimes look at the history of The Guggenheim, as it turns 50.
- Finds at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.
- Reveiw of Danger Mouse and Mark Linkous (with involvement from David Lynch), ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’.
- New Yorker cover drawn on iPhone Application.
- Coke is the official drink at the Creation Museum in Kentucky.
- ‘Take Five’ also turned 50.
- Video of Banksy’s recent Bristol exhibition.
- New York’s section of “Where’s Cool?’.
- John Hodgman: I Hear They’re Going to Make Evolution Legal.
- Statue Of Liberty’s Crown has reopened.
- Patents may be harming our ability to innovate. (Great addition to my post about copyright law!)
- Spellcheck This: Microsoft Office 2010, The Movie.
- Wired’s article about New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans, with very bad advice from Brad Pitt.
- The ultimate in hipster slummin’ it: dumpster pools.
- Mural by Brazilian graffiti artists, Os Gêmeos, on Houston and Bowery, that Dad really enjoyed last time they were in town.
- Spelling bee for grown-ups.
- Inside the Cafe at Facebook Headquarters.
Image via ManBabies.com

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It’s been a while

And how are things going? Good, I hope! The hiatus is till ongoing; but, my mum and pop were in town for a visit so I thought I’d check in and post a few of my favorite pictures from their trip.
United Nations
United Nations
High Line Park
Standard Hotel
Wall Graffiti
Grand Central
Turtle Pond, Central Park
Natural History Museum
On the RIT
Serendipity 3
Downtown View

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3 More Posters

3 More Posters
They are Follow Your Bliss, DNA and Museum Mile at Night:The Guggenheim!

Probably not going to be posting too much today; lots o’ stuff to do. Gotta keep moving forward!

P.S. The Fountain is one of the most amazing things. Ever.

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Winter’s Love

Winter's Love
Appears I’m getting somewhat caught up with all the blogging I’ve been pushing off… Hope everyone’s enjoying winter as much as I am!
Winter's Love
Winter's Love
Winter's Love

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Neat Links From My Father, 3

My Gmail is backed up, so it’s time to share some links!

- Man! Those webcam puppies sure have grown up fast!
- The Pomegranate: the first cell phone that makes coffee and is a shaver! (You’ll never guess what they’re actually selling.)
- LIFE photo archive hosted by Google
- Even atheists can get a little out of control over the holidays.
- Is it art, or is it just delicious?
- If you’re taking a trip to NYC, check out these great tips.
- I really want to go and check out South Ferry Station’s recent installation!
- Bjork’s like the coolest person. Ever.
- ‘Hard Day’s Night’: A Mathematical Mystery Tour
- Common Craft makes great videos that are “short, simple and focused on making complex ideas easy to understand.”
- Jack and I are always looking for great weekend getaways.
- Mathematicians have the best jobs in the country.
- The worse the economy, the better infomercials do.
- Something to keep in mind when you watch “Benjamin Button.”
- Ooo, this sure sounds like fun!
- Finally, a clear way to get around the galaxy!
- It’s the Palaeobet, and it’s so cute! (“M is for Megaloceros” is my fav for obvious reasons.)

Image from I Can Has Cheezburger

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Museum Mile at Night

Museum Mile at Night
I took a nice, long, relaxing walk up Museum Mile the other night and took some neat pictures. I’m planning on doing this more, seeing as it’s on my way home and it’s such a beaut’ of an avenue. Above is (obviously) The Guggenheim. Below is The Metropolitan, The Frick (which technically isn’t part of Museum Mile, but I like to include it, anyway) and Cooper-Hewitt.
Museum Mile at Night
Museum Mile at Night
Museum Mile at Night

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