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Inspired by “The Kiss”

Helloooo there, Monday. Nice to see you again. Jack posted this a few weeks ago and while surfing around this weekend I found some more info on what it’s all about. Entitled “The Kiss” it is part of Tino Sehgal’s show, currently going on at the Guggenheim. Here’s a snippet from the NY Times review:…

Falling Down the Guggenheim Museum Hall

Oh, how I would love for this to exist! Instead of contemplating the void of the Guggenheim Museum’s central space, JDS architects have proposed an experience which sees a trampoline net spiraling down the institution’s rotunda. This idea plays on Frank Lloyd Wright’s original scenography for the guggenheim in which he envisioned patrons visiting the…

Neat Links From My Father, 5

It’s been a while, and now is a good time… (Some of these have been sitting in my inbox for quite some time and are old, but cool, none-the-less.) – Typographica’s list of its Favorite Typefaces of 2008. – Computer program to compete against human โ€œJeopardy!โ€ contestants. – Stripped down aesthetic at the Milan Furniture…

3 More Posters

They are Follow Your Bliss, DNA and Museum Mile at Night:The Guggenheim! Probably not going to be posting too much today; lots o’ stuff to do. Gotta keep moving forward! P.S. The Fountain is one of the most amazing things. Ever.

Museum Mile at Night

I took a nice, long, relaxing walk up Museum Mile the other night and took some neat pictures. I’m planning on doing this more, seeing as it’s on my way home and it’s such a beaut’ of an avenue. Above is (obviously) The Guggenheim. Below is The Metropolitan, The Frick (which technically isn’t part of…

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