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Inspired by “The Kiss”

Helloooo there, Monday. Nice to see you again. Jack posted this a few weeks ago and while surfing around this weekend I found some more info on what it’s all about. Entitled “The Kiss” it is part of Tino Sehgal’s show, currently going on at the Guggenheim. Here’s a snippet from the NY Times review: […]

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Falling Down the Guggenheim Museum Hall

Oh, how I would love for this to exist! Instead of contemplating the void of the Guggenheim Museum’s central space, JDS architects have proposed an experience which sees a trampoline net spiraling down the institution’s rotunda. This idea plays on Frank Lloyd Wright’s original scenography for the guggenheim in which he envisioned patrons visiting the […]

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Neat Links From My Father, 5

It’s been a while, and now is a good time… (Some of these have been sitting in my inbox for quite some time and are old, but cool, none-the-less.) – Typographica’s list of its Favorite Typefaces of 2008. – Computer program to compete against human β€œJeopardy!” contestants. – Stripped down aesthetic at the Milan Furniture […]

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3 More Posters

They are Follow Your Bliss, DNA and Museum Mile at Night:The Guggenheim! Probably not going to be posting too much today; lots o’ stuff to do. Gotta keep moving forward! P.S. The Fountain is one of the most amazing things. Ever.

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Museum Mile at Night

I took a nice, long, relaxing walk up Museum Mile the other night and took some neat pictures. I’m planning on doing this more, seeing as it’s on my way home and it’s such a beaut’ of an avenue. Above is (obviously) The Guggenheim. Below is The Metropolitan, The Frick (which technically isn’t part of […]

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