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So I’m going through my bookmarks of street fashion/style blogs when I do a double-take. “Holy crap, I know that guy!” Not really a close friend, Kevin is a guy in my graduating class from SCAD and friend of my ex. Not someone I think of as a fashion diva, but he does look pretty […]

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SATC Fashion Trivia

Fun trivia about the fashion of Sex and the City movie! Sarah Jessica Parker makes 81 costume changes in the movie. As for the leads collectively: “I would estimate that there were well over 300 changes for these four women,” Field said in press materials. “And there were many other characters with one or two […]

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The Crane Dress

I’ve been using my cousin’s wedding as an excuse to buy dress after dress. But, the dress I’ve really been wanting is this Sandhill Halter Dress for about a month now, but the $170 price tag had been keeping me at arms length. But, my sweet lovely grandmother said she would help me pay for […]

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More SATC: My Favorite Outfits

Not so much a countdown this time… in no particular order, I just picked out 5 of the first few outfits, of my favorites, that jumped to mind. I’m probably forgetting a good bit, but narrowing down favorite clothes is more difficult than narrowing down favorite episodes! (Sorry for the crappy quality of these. I […]

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Moustache Necklaces

I would love to be in possession of this quirky piece! This is right up there with those lovely eyelash necklaces! New from the Fall 08 collection, moustache necklaces! As featured in the Gen Art moustache naming contest last month, the Inspector Closeau (thin) and the Phileas Fogg (bushy), both necklaces are oxidized bronze with […]

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