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Fiercest T-shirt. Ever.

It’s been a while since a t-shirt has made me gasp, from wanting it so badly, but this sure did! In honor of the ever fabulous Christian, and his fierce, winning collection, Wine & Twine put out this *insert grand adjective here* t-shirt. Oh, and if you don’t know, just check it out and get educated on fierceness! I would love one of Jay, too!

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Periodic Rings

Periodic Rings
More cool rings! They come in Ag (argentum / silver), Au (aurum / gold), and Pt (platinum). And with the gold being sold at $2200 and platinum at $6500, once again, these are waaaaay out of my price range. The silver’s not too bad, at $205, though.


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If you were my sugar-daddy…

steve madden shoes
…I’d make you buy me these… and these.


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Counterfeit Triangle

Counterfeit Triangle

Attention New York tourists: Canal Street is closed. Or a least part of it is. For the moment.

After the police conducted a $1m raid Tuesday morning, Mayor Mike Bloomberg posed with a ‘CLOSED’” sign among the trays of fake watches and piles of counterfeit handbags. The bust involved 32 separate storefronts, all owned by the same estate and located in a triangular city block newly dubbed the ‘Counterfeit Triangle,’ bounded by Canal, Walker, and Centre Streets. The counterfeit trade, according to the press release, is ‘standing in the way of the revitalization of Chinatown,” and the mayor intends to make renting to counterfeit retailers “a losing business proposition.’

Via Counterfeit Chic

There are some jems in the comments section under the New York Times Article

For those wondering how these astronomical losses are calculated, it involves the math and logic of a 5-year-old:
1) Estimate how many people bought the fake Vuitton bag for $50;
2) Assume that every single person who bought a fake bag for $50 would have bought a $1500 bag if the fake bags weren’t available;
3) Ignore the howls of laughter at the absurd logic and multiply (number of sales) x $1500;
4) Hold press conference.
— Posted by Peter

In almost everything to do with New York City, I try to follow the money. And my guess is if you follow the money in this case, you’ll end up in the office of a property developer…probably one of the handful of aristocratic families that rule New York City, and who are desperate to gain land in lower Manhattan that is still eligible for Liberty bonds.
— Posted by David L.

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More Etsy Browsing/Lovin’

If I could, I would buy 3 or 4 of these jackets. They’re all so colorful and fun. May have to be a purchase after the great “savings spree” is over.

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Wants: Fashion

1. Big, high-waisted belts
2. Lace up, tan, tall boots (like these, from Etsy)
3. Lots of fun colorful tights (like these, from We Love Color)
4. Simple yellow sun dress (I wish i could remember where I found this!)
5. Cropped black vest (like this, from Blaec)
6. Cute shorts (like these, from Fred Flare)

Jack and I are in the middle of a no-spending spree, inspired by A Cup Jo. Money is only spent on food (which in this city can get very very expensive itself), toiletries and bills. I’m usually pretty good at being able to talk myself out of buying things and in some ways this makes it easier for me. But I’ve also been feeling a desire to go thrifting or raid Etsy (damn that place has some great deals). So, while I’m saving, I’m putting together lists of things I want and think of it as kind of window shopping. ;)

Next up “Wants: For the Home”

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