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The Orignaux Moose Shop

I am super thrilled to announce the opening of our own store front: Shop.OrignauxMoose.com! This has been a long time coming, but I finally found the time to put it all together. Last night I put the final touches on everything, though I still have a few more pieces to list. The Etsy Shop will…

Update Time

Weeeeell… to say it’s been a while would be a huge understatement! I honestly thought things would be back, up and running by September, but, you know sometimes things just get in the way. So much has happened in the last few months!

Neat Links From My Father, 7

The year’s first batch of links from my dad! – Mistakes in typography grate the purists. – Beautiful video of how the Earth would look with rings. – Typographic Character Coasters. – McAfee, Inc. warns consumers about “The Twelve Scams of Christmas.” – Unknown filmmaker gets $30m for robot movie. – Adorable photo of how…

10 Great Things About Working From Home

And for the weekend I leave you with a list, recently posted on Apartment Therapy. This is something I hope to be doing in the very near future. 1. Taking a Bath at Lunchtime 2. Raiding the Fridge whenever I want 3. Being able to hit up Trader Joes or Target in the middle of…


OMG, Bakery’s blog is a great blog/business resource! Via PoppyTalk

Etsy Prints & Paintings Storefront

Print, Paintings & One-of-a-Kinds to make your home, office or studio pretty! Come in and check out the shop!

Stayin’ Social


State Art Calligraphy

Website/shop dedicated to our Calligraphic States series!