1. Big, high-waisted belts
2. Lace up, tan, tall boots (like these, from Etsy)
3. Lots of fun colorful tights (like these, from We Love Color)
4. Simple yellow sun dress (I wish i could remember where I found this!)
5. Cropped black vest (like this, from Blaec)
6. Cute shorts (like these, from Fred Flare)

Jack and I are in the middle of a no-spending spree, inspired by A Cup Jo. Money is only spent on food (which in this city can get very very expensive itself), toiletries and bills. I’m usually pretty good at being able to talk myself out of buying things and in some ways this makes it easier for me. But I’ve also been feeling a desire to go thrifting or raid Etsy (damn that place has some great deals). So, while I’m saving, I’m putting together lists of things I want and think of it as kind of window shopping. ;)

Next up “Wants: For the Home”