My Gmail is backed up, so it’s time to share some links!

– Man! Those webcam puppies sure have grown up fast!
The Pomegranate: the first cell phone that makes coffee and is a shaver! (You’ll never guess what they’re actually selling.)
LIFE photo archive hosted by Google
– Even atheists can get a little out of control over the holidays.
– Is it art, or is it just delicious?
– If you’re taking a trip to NYC, check out these great tips.
– I really want to go and check out South Ferry Station’s recent installation!
– Bjork’s like the coolest person. Ever.
– ‘Hard Day’s Night’: A Mathematical Mystery Tour
Common Craft makes great videos that are “short, simple and focused on making complex ideas easy to understand.”
– Jack and I are always looking for great weekend getaways.
– Mathematicians have the best jobs in the country.
– The worse the economy, the better infomercials do.
– Something to keep in mind when you watch “Benjamin Button.”
– Ooo, this sure sounds like fun!
– Finally, a clear way to get around the galaxy!
– It’s the Palaeobet, and it’s so cute! (“M is for Megaloceros” is my fav for obvious reasons.)

Image from I Can Has Cheezburger