Neat Links From My Father, 2

Neat Links From My Father
The emails have been piling up, so here goes the second edition (which I’m also calling the “NY Times edition”) of “Neat Links From My Father!”
– A “good and cheap” Chinese restaurant in the city, I will have to investigate and give my input.
– Get inspired by the creativity and thriftiness of college students!
– More from the NY Times, this time an article about Shepard Fariey (probably the most famous for his Andre the Giant / OBEY and Obama posters).
Hidden Parks of NYC
– Google releases a HopStop-like (a transit navigational site) feature for New York and New Jersey. But, unlike HopStop, Google works directly and is affiliated with the MTA, Port Authority and NJ Transit.
– Who doesn’t love Barbar?
Moose Hunting with Woody Allen.

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