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New cardboard table

Just got back from a wonderfully long weekend (more on that later). I scrapped that other table I was working on. It was getting clunky, ugly and I just couldn’t gather up the motivation to fix how it was leaning oddly to the side. I very happy with this new idea. It’s so easy to put together, it looks pretty cool, and it uses all these empty boxes we’ve have just sitting around.

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In a related story:

Seem incredibly fitting to post this right after Jack’s previous post.

Jeremy Fish has created Barry the Beaver, a ‘vibrating vinyl friend’ for all your needs — collecting and otherwise. …With a turn of the tree stump base, Barry starts buzzing and did we mention his strategically placed bendy tail? We used to say… no… toys for adults, not adult toys, but hey… Just remember if someone raises their eyebrows, it’s ART.

Via Vinyl Pulse

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New York City: The 51st State

Damn cool campaign poster! They don’t make ‘em like they used to!

Via Frumination

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Free Love in Time Square

Looking for ‘love’ in the big city? Look no further than the Crossroads of the World, as the Times Square Alliance unveils ‘LOVE in Times Square,’ a public art project featuring 15 unique banner designs by 12 top graphic designers and illustrators. Each banner utilizes the word ‘LOVE’ in a strikingly different typographic treatment, as each artist brings their personal interpretation to the word.

Time Square Alliance

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Just… Wow. Check out their Etsy shop to see their other laser etched moleskins. Beautiful.

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Treasure Map

To the Gold, Lover!
(I don’t know where this was originally found, but I certainly appreicate someone drawing it for me, if anyone knows please send me a link so I can give credit.)

From, thanks Kyle!

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The Apt

1. Side Table made from USPS boxes | 2. Audry Hepburn silhouette made from postal stickers
3. “All is full of love” poster, paper from flower shop | 4. “Follow your Bliss” poster, cloth, hand stitched

The W.I.P.s
1. Jack’s chair and shelves | 2. My entry-way table

As mentioned in a previous post, we are decorating our apartment out of cardboard and other found materials.

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I love stuff like this!

Make your own kick-ass, tiny paper arcade machines!

Via WotR.

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Origami Castle Addition

This is perfect for large open spaces (such as lofts) that can be configured in multiple ways. This flexible wall provides privacy but still lets the sunlight in.


Been building our own furniture for our apartment out of these boxes. It’s been great fun!

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