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War of the Worlds: a Cover Index

This is amazing to go through: an international index of hundreds of covers of H.G. Wells’ iconic book! I love seeing the various interpretations different artists have; some go purely typographic, some give small, subtle hints to the story and themes, while others basically make it so you get everything just from the cover. Via […]

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Inspiring NY Times articles

Poking around the New York Times website, I was so inspired by these two articles. Mystery on Fifth Avenue When Steven B. Klinsky and Maureen Sherry hired Eric Clough to renovate their Fifth Ave. apartment they knew they had brought on a smart designer. But, when Klinsky made an offhanded request about hiding a poem […]

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“There aren’t many Saul Bass / Heidi Klums out there.” Created by the uber talented folks over at Digital Kitchen, this is an absolutely hilarious short about being beautiful and its connection to creating beauty. Chaz is my favorite: “Out-of-the-box thinking is so passe. There are so many other shapes. Sometimes I think outta the […]

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Hair Hats

These have been popping up on a lot of people’s blogs, but they’re too beautiful for me not to post them here, too. Glorious work by Nagi Noda. I would love to own that lion or walrus! Sadly, no moose… maybe for the next set, Nagi?

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