10 Great Things About Working From Home
And for the weekend I leave you with a list, recently posted on Apartment Therapy. This is something I hope to be doing in the very near future.

1. Taking a Bath at Lunchtime
2. Raiding the Fridge whenever I want
3. Being able to hit up Trader Joes or Target in the middle of the day
4. Working in Pajamas (which I did today for the first time, until I had to go to the dentist)
5. Not commuting anywhere, especially in the rain
6. Making lunch at home (and being able to put a roast in the oven in time to eat before 10pm)
7. Making a mid day Yoga class
8. Getting to be alone for the day in semi stillness (and not coming home ragged and exhausted)
9. Getting to play whatever music I want
10. Janel inspired this one: Getting to hang out with my kitty.