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OrignauxMoose Etsy Giveaway

Hello Fans, returning customers, and new friends. We love you guys! Welcome to the second OrignauxMoose Etsy giveaway. We are giving two winners each one 11″x17″ print of either our new print “Share the Love” or our new print “The Spice of Life”. Award Date: We will announce our two lucky winners Monday 4/4/2011. Here…

The Halloween Decision

Since Jules and I will be in the country for Halloween this year, that means that it is time to start weighing options for the holiday!

Winning at Google

Jules linked me to google the moment I signed on, so she gets credit for showing me google’s home screen today. I get credit for winning at google though! Really, I’m not sure if it counts as a win since I’m not still playing (I couldn’t figure out pause.) I was a little bummed once…


I am looking forward to a really productive weekend. And if I feel I deserve a treat at some point I may even go have a beer with our Moose buddies, Horse and Okapi. Bonus points for anyone who can guess their names in the comments.

Rabbit MIB

Worlds, within worlds, within worlds. This picture reminds me of K, kicking open the door in MIB Headquarters and revealing their side of the door is the inside of a storage locker on an alien world. Perhaps this is the children’s book version.

Happy Friday!

Another case of the man oppressing a couple of everyday clowns! Police have tracked down a couple of jokers who were snapped going through a traffic speed trap in full clown costumes. Via Ananova

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Stayin’ Social


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