Neat Links From My Father
Spring cleaning for my email.

– This year marks the 50th anniversary for one of my favorite albums, Kind of Blue.
Commercializing the Obamas.
– I would love to have this job!
– Leapfrog’s ‘Baby BlackBerry’ Targets Preschool Set. Ugh!
– I think Hollywood is officially out of ideas.
– I glad I’m not the only one who just doesn’t get Twitter. (The video’s really funny, even for those fond of the site.)
– Although the last thing I need to do it buy more furniture, I need to check out the eye candy at the new Droog store.
– Love the site and if I had an iPhone, Lord knows What the Font would be on it!
– My old neighborhood, Morningside Heights, wants to designate itself a historic district. Love that area of town.
– Heard the word “ohrworm?” Literally “ear worm”, it refers to a catchy song that you just can’t get out of your head.
– 10 “facts” (posted in April 1st).
Charged black holes & Whoville.
Fermi problems (“How many piano tuners are there in Chicago?”)
– I want a glow-in-the-dark puppy. What a cutie!
– When Jack Resnick and Sons became landlords to the bakery Crumbs, they worked some cupcakes into the deal.

Image from Toothpaste for Dinner