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Sh*t New Yorkers Say

My second favorite of the “Sh*t ______ Says” meme going around (Sh*t Nobody Says being my personal fav). I think I have literally said everything in this video…

Simplifying the 5th Ave Cube

Apple is currently updating their iconic 5th Ave store. What was 90 panes of glass will soon be reduced down to just 15, creating a sleeker look. The grand unveiling will be in November. Via The Gothamist

Store Buyout

Check out StoreBuyout.com & the Ebay auction. We learned that Hercules was about to lose his lease and go out of business. So we took out $20,000 in credit card cash advances, walked into his store unannounced and bought every single item. You could say it brightened up his day … Since the Buyout on…


NSKYC The average color of the New York City sky, updated every 5 minutes. Welp, right now, Encinitas’ sky doesn’t look much different than New York’s (at least we’re a bit cooler, though).

+ Pool

New York summers can and are pretty brutal. The worst part being that there’s no great escape from it, which is made even more frustrating when you stop and think you live on an island. Nobody wants to get in those rivers. A couple of designers have ingeniously attacked this problem: + Pool. The most…

Etsy Prints & Paintings Storefront

Print, Paintings & One-of-a-Kinds to make your home, office or studio pretty! Come in and check out the shop!

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