Dream Computer Bag

Since I got my new Mac not too long ago, I’ve been looking for a great computer/carry-on bag. This messenger bag, by TravelTeq, is just so beautiful (but soooo bloody expensive)!

New Toy

Although I took a trip out to Astoria (Studio Square rocks!) and saw a great little gallery opening in Chinatown, I spent most of my weekend with the above; organizing and moving over files from the old compy, rewatching Twin Peaks and Cannibal! The Musical, enjoying...

Laptop Pillow

Well, hello there, Monday. Even after taking Friday off I wasn’t quite ready for you. I sure could use one of these adorable Laptop Pillows right now! Via Boing Boing

eBoy Laptop Skins

I’ve always really loved the work of eBoy and now I can slather my MacBook in it! Skinzi seems to be down at the moment, and I wasn’t able to get a shot of the skin I really wanted, based off of their awesome New York poster (which I wouldn’t mind...