Live Out Loud – Orignial

There’s a few fun things coming to the shop this week! Posted this to Etsy Friday evening and forgot to mention it here. A fun peek into the original drawing that is the base for one of our most popular prints. While some of our prints are created entirely in...

Love at First Sight

Just added these to the shop! They are currently available in Pink & Turquoise, but as with most of our prints we can also put together a custom palette for you, just ask! ♥ Oh, and just a quick FYI: the store will be on vacation for all of next week, and...

Distribution Plushies

Nicole Dick has some wonderfully geeky crafts in her store, NausicaaDistribution; above all these adorable statistical distribution plushies! Via Geekosystem

Calligraphic States, The Rest of the Week

I forgot to post these throughout the week here, so here’s a roundup post! New Jersey: The Garden State, Michigan: The Great Lakes State and Ohio: The Buckeye State were all added, with more to come next week! Have a beautiful weekend!