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It’s the 14th!

…And we all know what that means! I thought I’d jump ahead a day into Wednesday’s area of music, because I wanna hear some love songs! One of Jack and my songs “Little Bit” by Lykke Li. My parents’ song “Bus Stop” by The Hollies (they met at a bus stop). And, just a fun…

Back to Bayhead

An extremely lovely weekend was had, as Jack and I revisited last year’s Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend trip! One of our top missions, of the trip, was to carve our names into our booth at, what has now become our restaurant there, The Ark. Mission was accomplished! We also did a bit of antique shopping, beach…

Happy V-day, Lover

Images from: 1. The LOVE pack 2. International “I love you” 3. ffffound 4. I can has cheezburger 5. St. Tropez Leisure 6. ~>O<~ I love you! Just a little collage of things that show how I feel. *kisses!*

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