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Whoa! What! Hi! Well, in case you hadn’t noticed we took a bit of an unannounced hitas, here. There’s so much going on, and I’ve just got too much on my plate… I hope to be back to bloggin’ soon, but in the meantime, the shop is very much still open and I will be…

Morgan & Lizen in Vancouver

I think I’m going to start adding news to Friday’s theme, along with Travel and New York… I wanted to share that my bud Morgan and her wife, Lizen, (who’s gorgeous wedding we went to last month) were recently featured in an article for the Columbian. The article is about how Vancouver WA is noticing…

A Different Kind of Christian Demonstration

Jack sent me this story the other day and it really made me smile so wide. The volunteers wore black t-shirts with the phrase “I’m Sorry” on the front and held signs with messages of apology, on behalf of all Christians, for the way the church has treated the gay community. While the ultimate message…

Insight Onsite at Fallingwater

Slumber party! While regular visitors are whisked through the iconic house in guided tours lasting about one hour, those at the Insight Onsite program can lounge about reading, engage in interesting conversations on the terraces, have a cocktail by the fireplace, write a personal letter at a desk and enjoy a lively dinner party. Via…


Many, many, many thanks to Creature Comforts for putting on a poster giveaway for our store! To participate, just check out our store, pick out your fav and let her know by leaving a comment. I’m so freakin’ excited!! We also got a feature in The Storque in VOTE! Get Your Career in Gear. Vote…

Etsy News!

We’re having a big sale for all of the Series 1 Fashion Illustrations! $20 for all prints and $5 for ACEO cards (and you get even better deals if you buy the sets)! Also, I post up a new listing, which is a one-of-a-kind custom furniture illustrations. I like being active again.


Last night we toasted, with sparkling cider, to our new president, Barack Obama!

Etsy Prints & Paintings Storefront

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