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TOC Guide to San Fran

More than just a well designed map… get a really cool insiders’ guide to the City by the Bay!

-Ruthlessly edited to present only the most standout places in the city. We chose restaurants run by perfectionists who really care about their food, and truly understand hospitality.

-In addition to restaurants, the guide will tell you about hidden bars, the best view in the entire bay area, walking tours, underground dinner clubs, and a public park 15 stories up.

Everyone who purchases a copy gets access to our Twitter Concierge, who can do everything from reservations to recommendations, and is there to help with anything else that might come up while you’re exploring the city.

Via Boing Boing

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Subway Map Dress

Subway Map Dress by Christian Francis Roth
For $260 I feel like I can do this myself pretty easily… but I do love the dress!
Found via The Coveted | Images via Bloomingdales

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Neat Links From My Father, 3

My Gmail is backed up, so it’s time to share some links!

- Man! Those webcam puppies sure have grown up fast!
- The Pomegranate: the first cell phone that makes coffee and is a shaver! (You’ll never guess what they’re actually selling.)
- LIFE photo archive hosted by Google
- Even atheists can get a little out of control over the holidays.
- Is it art, or is it just delicious?
- If you’re taking a trip to NYC, check out these great tips.
- I really want to go and check out South Ferry Station’s recent installation!
- Bjork’s like the coolest person. Ever.
- ‘Hard Day’s Night’: A Mathematical Mystery Tour
- Common Craft makes great videos that are “short, simple and focused on making complex ideas easy to understand.”
- Jack and I are always looking for great weekend getaways.
- Mathematicians have the best jobs in the country.
- The worse the economy, the better infomercials do.
- Something to keep in mind when you watch “Benjamin Button.”
- Ooo, this sure sounds like fun!
- Finally, a clear way to get around the galaxy!
- It’s the Palaeobet, and it’s so cute! (“M is for Megaloceros” is my fav for obvious reasons.)

Image from I Can Has Cheezburger

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The Book/Compter case

New Computer Area
Jack is out of town for the weekend and I’ve been busying myself around the apartment. I moved the bookcase and cleaned it out to make room for my computer, since this will now be my new computer place. I also made this brief map project for myself (based on the Keep Calm Ltd “Make Your Own Path” poster). You can see WIP below.

New Computer Area
New Computer Area

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